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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Grassley on Blocked Stimulus  CSPAN  March 23, 2020 10:38am-10:44am EDT

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so i would say to my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, step up. step up, help us reach an agreement so we can do what needs to be done for the american people no later than tomorrow. i suggest the absence of a quorum. >> more than 48 hours of negotiations, there's been a lot off progress made in the subjecs that are within the jurisdiction of the finance committee that i chair. and these results of these negotiations have led to decisions that will be in this legislation we hope to vote on tomorrow that would make sure that checks went from the
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federal government the individuals, all individuals of $1200 for individuals, $2400 for married couples, and $500 for each child. and that would go to people who need it, people with no income, up to people with $75,000 a year income, or a married couple of $150,000 income with a phaseout to make sure that no very wealthy people are even higher income, middle income taxpayers will benefit from it. so we're trying to help those who need the most help. and there wasn't disagreement
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from the other side that we ought to mail checks out to people. this would give americans the needed case the need to provide for the families and to weather the storm. this isn't the first time we have done this. we did it in 2008 when we had the start of the great recession. we also provided for liquidity for small business and larger businesses. by delaying some taxes being paid, so that perhaps these people who right now are thinking should they lay off their workforce or keep their workforce in place, being productive so that they can do
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that. we also made a very big effort from both the republican and democratic side to very much enhance unemployment. anti additional $600 per week to people that are unemployed, plus a lot of people that don't qualify for unemployment now, to qualify for unemployment insurance for over at least the next three months. with an understanding is this thing doesn't turn around the next three months, getting people back to work, getting the economy in running with all the stuff we're talking about we're probably going to have to do more. but right now the unemployment rolls are going up by the hundreds of thousands each day.
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and we have a vote tonight that can give these people some assurances, and somehow that's not a catastrophic situation that we shouldpo respond to. i don't know what people on the other side of the aisle are thinking about. particularly for the unemployed and particularlyt for those that don'tt have checks. what areo we going to do for them? this package that came out of the finance committee will not solve all the problems, but as the leader said, there are four or five other task forces that are doing things to make sure that small business can get loans that then qualify for if they will keep their people employed.
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so i don't understand this vote at all, particularly considering the good working relationship i had with democrats working with me on these things as well. i yield the floor. >> mr. president, i want to provide everyone with an update about the status of negotiations on the third phase of coronavirus legislation. early this morning leader mcconnell presented to us a highly partisan bill written exclusively by republicans. and he said he would call a vote to proceed to it today. so who is being partisan? he knows darn well for this bill to pass it needs both democratic and republican support. and furthermore, when speaker pelosi and i said let's have a four corners negotiation, it was leader mcconnell resisted. so whatever weng do here in the


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